Anti-Bacterial Hand & Surface Sanitiser Alcohol Free
Anti-Bacterial Hand & Surface Sanitiser Alcohol Free
Anti-Bacterial Hand & Surface Sanitiser Alcohol Free

Anti-Bacterial Hand & Surface Sanitiser Alcohol Free

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Hand Sanitising:  This fragrance free formula has been designed as an alternative sanitisation solution for where alcohol based products are not preferred or can’t be accessed by clients.  The active antimicrobial agent is a cationic (positive charged) quat-based chemical called Benzalkonium Chloride which has a broad spectrum activity and has been used in  household and personal care cleansing formulations since the 1940’s.   There are strict guidelines over how this ingredient can be used in an antimicrobial formula to balance product efficacy with skin safety.   To increase the skin compatibility and barrier protection properties of this formula, we have kept it fragrance free and have added a sugar-cane derived humectant for skin conditioning and microbiota support.

Surface Cleaning:  After washing down surfaces to remove visible dirt and grime this spray can be applied as a leave-on surface sanitiser or can be used with a suitable cloth for the sanitisation of household and office items. 

Note: Alcohol hand sanitisers remain the preferred option for home and office hand sanitisation due to their broad spectrum activity and low potential for toxicity and irritation. However, the high level of alcohol required for sanitising products does present its own challenges meaning that it is not always the best option for an individual situation or business. 

Benzalkonium Chloride is an approved broad-spectrum active for alcohol-free sanitising solutions and can be useful in these situations:

* Where flammability is an issue (where hand sanitising is frequently carried out around naked flames such as in kitchens or industrial settings)

* For religious reasons

* Where risk of accidental ingestion is high

* Where alcohol is legally prohibited or otherwise unavailable

* Personal Preference  

Product Use Caution:  Quaternium compounds (quat’s) such as Benzalkonium Chloride can trigger skin irritation reactions in some people and in a few, can trigger an allergic response.  For that reason we recommend that this product be avoided by people who are prone to skin conditions that affect barrier functioning (eczema etc) and by people who have a known allergic reaction to quats.  To limit the potential for irritation, it is a good idea to wear gloves when using this sanitiser for general cleaning, especially where the product is being used frequently.